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This section is reopening after being closed for a long time. In the past, I found people placing "blocking" bids on specific things that I listed here, to make me more willing to consider trades for items in my collection they coveted. As a result, I changed my approach to buying quite a bit, more often buying the best art currently available than something specific that I've been watching for. And, in addition, I've been known to nab something totally off my usual collecting track, if I thought it was funky and a good value.

But, in response to requests from other curators, I've reactivated this section, but the comments here are more a statement of my current collecting agenda, organized by series, rather than a "shopping list" of specific cels/sketches I'd like to own someday.

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Grimm Masterpiece Theatre (Nippon, 1987)

This series, too, is not easy to collect, and I consider myself lucky to have the few cels I have. As with Condition Green, any nice art from this show would catch my eye. Also from the Madhouse movie The Golden Bird. Very High
Microid S (Toei, 1973)
This golden-age Toei series, featuring bug-sized superheroes battling hyperintelligent ants in a battle for world domination, has delightful character design. I'd like to expand this with more action-oriented images, especially of troublemaker Mamezo. Very High
Ah My Goddess!

I'd like to expand this part of my collection somewhat, particularly items from the OVA. As I know that good cels from both this and from the movie are pricey, however, I expect that this will come a little at a time. An OVA Urd, right now, is the thing I'm tempted by. Low
Usagi-chan de Cue!!

Heh. Even apart from the panty shots and flying anatomy, I find this short hentai OVA a hoot, especially in character development. I'd love to get more Mikami cels, in her school uniform or out of it. High
Vampire Princess Miyu

This is another gallery that will continue to grow, but slowly. I am very drawn to the art (thanks to the artistic link to the group that did MKR). But I tend to purchase only cels (mostly of Miyu) that I find very expressive for some reason. Medium
A Tree of Palme
I have most of the characters and scenes that I really want, but I'm always watching for dramatic images, particularly from the climax of the movie. Also, the backgrounds are so lovely in themselves that I'd always be ready to bid on a lot with one of these. Medium
Asatte no Hoko 7: Episode 12
This simple but beautifully realized series caught my attention when it was available in fansubs, and now that a good commercial version is available, I've enjoyed it again. I have a good supply of the female characters but would like to add to the male side: Hiro and Tetsu. High
Cardcaptor Sakura
I've got a lot of CCS now, and while I love the series and its art dearly, I probably will be very selective about what I add here from now on. I'm always tempted by Episode 1 and Episode 40 items, but will probably continue to be selective even here. Low
Condition Green
The storyboard that I obtained is such a hoot that I'd love to add more cels to my collection. Sadly, they're not much in evidence. So any art from this show would get my attention, particularly an image of the mohawked George ("Mr. G:) with the psychedelic squirrels. Very High
Gegege no KitarĊ
This series, well-known in Japan but not as well in North America, is an interesting exploration of Japanese folklore. I enjoy getting both cels and sketches that illustrate the scary creatures of this country's rich legendry. Medium

This fun series about a group of otaku got me to pick up a couple of sketch sets, and I continue to lurk for more. But rather than generic head shots, I'd like images that show the characters' quirky personalities. Low
Hyper Police
This is a series in which the sketch art is often so extraordinary that I'm as happy with genga sets as with cels. However, neither are plentiful. I'd gladly bite on any good-sized lot of sketches, and a strong, dramatic image of any character (especially the fox-spirit Sakura) would also get me batting up against the screen. High
I enjoy sketch sets from the CGI portion of this great series, and while I have a few cels, I'm not likely to make that a priority. Sketch sets from the great Ep. 163 (The Secret Garden) are my biggest priority, but really any dramatic series with the Inu-tachi would be a happy addition. (Shesshy and other baddies need not apply, sorry.) Medium
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
I have a large collection, including all the major characters, so I'm selective, focusing on genga sets of the magical forms of the characters and their angelic/demonic helpers. I'd like to have more and better images of Sinbad and of Hottie-sensei, Hijiri or his evil magical form Claude Noin. Medium
Magic Knight Rayearth
Initially just a collection of sketches, I've begun to expand this gallery as nice MKR cels have become increasingly affordable. Particularly desired are dramatic cels from the series finale (Ep. 49) or from the OVA (CLAMP Destroys Tokyo!) High
I'm aware that sketch work from this superb show is very scarce and very pricy, but I'm always on the watch for reasonable purchases. High
NieA_7: Episode 01-08
Artwork from this series is likewise uncommon, and I'd be very interested in adding sketches here, particularly of the characters other than Mayuko, particularly NieA herself. Very High
Powerpuff Girls Z 01: Here they are!
Here's another area where I have a surplus of material, but I remain on the prowl for nice art, especially if it goes with episodes for which I already have sketches. Low
Princess Tutu

Another series that is very difficult to collect and pricy when lots do appear. That said, a good lot of backgrounds will always have me looking, and I do know that they are exquisite enough to be worth every penny of the sale price. High
Rozen Maiden
An expected release of materials gave me a chance to develop a strong collection from this episode. I'm becoming more selective now, but a dramatic scene, especially with Hina-Ichigo or with Souseiseki would get my attention. Medium
I look for sketch sets that are intrinsically compelling in quality. I'm most interested in Son Goku and Sanzo, but also find the various demons and villains attractive. Medium
Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club
I'm sorry I didn't get more art from this interesting show when it was available. I'd like to add more images of the side characters, particularly Tsukasa, who is my favorite, as well as the Yue character, Amitav. Very High
I'm ambivalent about collecting this series: I have a few cels and more sketches. But I enjoy the over-the-top feel of the best items I have. Probably this part of my collection will continue to grow, mainly on the sketch front, but very slowly. Low
Tenshi ni Narumon
This is another gallery that has just about reached its logical apex, and I'll be very picky about adding to it from now on. That said, I'm always looking for cels to fit sketch sets I've obtained, and the production backgrounds are always unexpectedly pretty. Low
Tonde Buurin
Stop me before I bid agaaaaaaain! Cels this quirky and cheap can't be bad for me, can they?. That said, I keep finding more darn art from this series everywhere I look in my house, and so I'm trying to stick to a very strict pork-free diet. Low

I like what I have seen of the series so far, and think the art is very true to Clamp's conception of the characters. Sadly, the art is rather scarce. High

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