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Movie 1 (Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie)

Director/Storyboard: Morio Asaka
Script: Nanase Ohkawa
Animation Directors:Hitoshi Ueda, Kumiko Takahashi (+ character design), and Kunihiko Sakurai

Movie 2 (The Sealed Card)

Director: Morio Asaka
Script: Nanase Ohkawa
Chief Animation Director: Hisashi Abe
Animation Directors: Hiroyuki Horiuchi, Hiroyuki Kasugai, Katsunori Kimizuka, Kunihiko Hamada, Kunihiko Sakurai, Mariko Fujita, Masaru Kitao, and Satoshi Tasaki

This corridor collects my collection of cels and gengas from the two CCS Movies. The first one, fitting in the gap between the first and second seasons is a highlight of the Clow Card story arc. the Poor Sakura ... it's easy to laugh at her for being so frightened of ghosts ... until we meet the real thing in Madoushi (the sorceress) in the first CCS movie. Footless, implacable, deadly, she is also one of the great tragic villains of anime.

The second movie, Nanase Ohkawa's rethinking of the narrative's conclusion in magical terms, is not as strong, I think, but the waltz scene (and Sakura's winged costume) is one of the most visually memorable in the CCS canon.

 Vampire Princess Madoushi

 Movie 1 Opening Battle Costume

 A Gift from Yukito-san

 Sakura stares into the ancient well

 Sakura starts to become possessed

 Sakura possessed by Madoushi


 Power Dive

 Madoushi faces Syaoran’s magic attack


 Sakura Faces Madoushi

 Madoushi ensnares Sakura

 Trapped Underwater

 Sakura understands the truth

 Mission Accomplished

 Invitation to a waltz


 Tomoyo Gives Syaoran His Final Battle Costume

 Windy’s Last Stand

 Yue on attack A11

 Yue on attack A27

 Last Card

 Yukito and Kero-chan at story’s end: C9/E22

 Yukito and Kero-chan at story’s end: C9/E22
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