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Cardcaptor Sakura 09: Touya, Yukito, and Yue

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This corridor focuses on Sakura's older companions in her quest, her Oniichan or older brother Touya and her idol, Yukito-san. The relationship between the two young males forms an important secondary plot in the series, as the implied bishonen relationship is one among many of the forms of love that Sakura needs to understand and accept for what it is.

Even when we learn that Yukito is not human, but is actually the false form of Sakura’s protector, the angelic (but ungendered) Yue, the love the two share is no less challenging, and even when the young girl chooses the patriarchal solution of a heterosexual romance, the Touya/Yukito companionship endures to the end of the story line, affirming that it too is a valid choice.

The casting of the roles reflects how important this subplot is to the series. Touya was voiced by Tomokazu Seki, a much-in-demand leading man who had previously created Kamui in The X Movie and Van in Escaflowne (TV and Movie). The difficult double rold of Yukito/Yue went to the great Megumi Ogata, who was Shinji in the Evangelion saga, did an equally tricky double role as Princess Emeraude/Eagle Vision in Magic Knight Rayearth, and also created the androgynous role of Haruka/Sailor Uranus for Sailor Moon.

So impressive was her performance as Yue that for some time after the release of this series even solo cels of this character were very difficult to obtain, and even more so those from the important “Power Transfer” scene in Episode 65. [Caution! Spoilers in descriptions!] But with patience and stealth I’ve managed to obtain several important images from this and from other crucial scenes where these two play major roles.

 Saba and Cinder-Touya

 Cinderella Dance
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