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Mahou Tsukai Tai! (Magic User's Club), began as a six-part OVA produced by Triangle Staff in 1996. It was followed by a 13-episode TV series co-produced by Triangle Staff and Madhouse and broadcast in 1999. The first series was cel-based, while the second was created using the newer process involving pencil-on-paper sketches that were scanned and colorized using CGI software. Both were directed by Junichi Sato with Ikuko Itou as character designer and chief animation director. Sato and Itou joined forces while working for Toei on the long-running Sailor Moon series and produced the OVA version of this series while still there. After becoming freelancers, they collaborated on the TV series that presents the next chapter in the OVA's plot. The team subsequently produced Prétear (2001) and the classic Princess Tutu (2002-03).

Cels from the OVA are now scarce and very desirable; this gallery is limited to sketchwork from the TV series, which is also scarce but more accessible. The main character is Sae Sawanoguchi, an eager but (like Ahiru in Tutu) maladroit magic user. She has the usual unexpressed crush on Takeo Takakura, the Magic Club’s president, whom we learn likewise has a silent crush on Sae. There is an overall plot issue involving a giant cherry tree hovering over the city where the youngsters live, but most of the episodes deal with their trials in growing up and learning to socialize with each other.

 OP: Sae Sawanoguchi in her witch outfit

 Sae taken aback

 Saki Sawanoguchi winks at Sae: layout and rough

 Saki Sawanoguchi winks at Sae: shuusei and genga

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