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Ep. 9: Close Encounter and After the Rain Bath
Director: Tomoko Izaki
Animation Directors: Hideo Shimosaka and Akira Takata

Ep. 10: Glow of the Firefly and Nocturne Bath
Director: Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Hideo Maru

Ep. 11: NieA Under Seven Bath (The Former Part)
Director: Mitsuhiro Yoneda
Animation Director: Mitsuhiro Yoneda

Ep. 12: NieA Under Seven Bath (The Latter Part)
Director: Tokoro Tomokazu
Animation Directors: Mitsuhiro Yoneda and Masahiro Sekiguchi

 Ep. 9: Mayuko sees Genzo look at her father’s watch: B1

 Mayuko sees Genzo look at her father’s watch: B3

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B1

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B2

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B3

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B4

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A1 Rough and Genga

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A2 Genga and Layout

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A3 Genga and Layout

 Mayuko on the Phone

 NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: A8

 NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: A9

 NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: A10

 NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: A14

 NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: reanimation

 Ep. 10: Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: layouts

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: roughs

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: B2 genga

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: B3 genga

 Ep. 11: Mayuko does homework

 Depressed Mayuko

 But where’s NieA?

 Ep. 12: Mayuko on the roof during the typhoon: B2

 Mayuko on the roof during the typhoon: B1
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