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Gegege no Kitarō 3: Ep. 52 (The Geta Battle)

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This gallery is devoted to Kitaro 3’s Episode 52: “Burn! Nezumi Otoko! The Geta Battle.” This episode is based on a 1968 Shigeru Mizuki manga episode, which had previously been adapted for Kitaro Series 1. (An adaptation also appears in Series 4.)

Briefly, Nezumi Otoko has been enticed into a deal that he can’t resist by a mysterious gentleman with a bowler hat, This involves selling figurines of the familiar maneki-neko or "beckoning cat" to his neighbors. These are commonly used to collect loose change and, being luck charms, they are supposed to multiply the coins deposited inside. Actually, as the con-man intends, they magically convey the money into his own hands.

Meanwhile, this trickster (a vengeful yokai known as a Sakabashira) kidnaps Kitaro's geta, replacing them with counterfeits that render them useless to their owner. Kitaro is aided by the flower fairy Hanako, an especially interesting guest character. At the episode’s climax the hapless Rat Man is encircled by a host of angry Japanese supernatural creatures, like a mortal unwary enough to interrupt a hyakkiyagyo, or "Pandemonium on Parade."

 Sakabashira's “mysterious con-man” avatar (52)

 Sakabashira as the con man (52)

 Yōsei Hanako (52)

 Hanako inspects the lucky cat bank

 Hanako inspects the lucky cat bank

 Sakabashira with Kitaro’s geta (52)

 Everyone's Mad at Nezumi Otoko (52)

 Yosei Hanako saying a prayer

 Yōsei Hanako saying a prayer: A2 cel

 Kitarō and Hanako watch Nezumi Otoko descend

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