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Pippi Longstocking 2: Character and Setting Design

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This gallery looks at the way in which the anime image of Pippi herself was generated. The images show that, as usual, the character design went through several stages before settling on a concept that satisfied the team.

The more finished images. which show Pippi in front and side view, look like those seen on model sheets, called “settei” (for ”character settings” by anime studios). These likely were generated by Kotabe, but were based closely on the more informal sketches being constantly created by Miyazaki.

The artist followed Lindgren’s original illustrator, Ingrid Vang Nyman, by giving Pippi fiery red hair tied up so tightly into braids that they stick out straight on both sides. The long skinny legs with mismatched long stockings are also typical, though most images show one sock having either vertical or horizontal stripes. The unusually large shoes or clogs are also typical of images of Pippi from Swedish editions.

But Miyazaki wanted to give his version of the character a distinctive look, and so it is interesting to watch the early versions suddenly click into a broad-faced mischievous expression with prominent buck teeth, evidently the result of one of his casual sketches.

The gallery also provides model images for Pippi’s friend Annika Settergren and her equine companion “Lilla gubben.” An interesting set of photos show the cutaway drawings that Miyazaki made of his concept of Pippi’s home, the Villa Villekula, showing the rooms in this fantastic building and how they are connected.

 Pippi: Character Design (First Form)

 Pippi: Character Design (First Form)

 Pippi: Character Design (SecondForm)

 Pippi: Character Design (Final Form)

 Pippi: Character Design (Final Form)

 Pippi: Character Design (Final Form)

 Pippi: Character Design (Final Form)

 Annika Settergren, Pippi's friend

 Lilla Gubben, Pippi's horse

 Villa Villekulla: First Floor Cutaway

 Villa Villekulla: Second Floor Cutaway

 Villa Villekulla: Exterior watercolor

 Watercolor study

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