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Inuyasha OVA: Kuroi Tessaiga (Sunrise 2008)

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The original Inuyasha TV series ran from October 2000 to September 2004, concluding with Episode 167. Takahashi's manga, however, continued on, finally coming to a close in June 2008. This landmark event was celebrated the next month with an special exhibition of original art from the manga and anime, held at Tokyo's Matsuya Ginza department store.

As part of the festivities, Sunrise produced a single-episode, 30-minute OVA, titled Kuroi Tessaiga or "The Black Tessaiga," which was screened on July 30. Sunrise soon after produced Inuyasha: The Final Act, their adaptation of Takahashi's last episodes, in 26 episodes (2009-10)

The episode presents a complicated contest between Inuyasha and his full-blooded demon brother Sesshomaru, in which they battle over the right to wield Tessaiga, the powerful sword forged from the preternatural canine tooth of the two brothers’ yokai father.

In the process, Inuyasha gains the power to use his sword to generate an energy wave that carries an opponent directly to the Underworld. (During this attack, Tessaiga turns black, with a glowing blue aura, hence the title of the OVA.) Learning to control this power turns out to be the key to Inuyasha's ultimate victory over the big boss Naraku.

The OVA was storyboarded and directed by Yasunao Aoki, the senior director of the earlier Inuyasha TV series (Eps. 45-167) and also of The Final Act. Animation Director was Rie Nakajima, who had taken this role on 29 episodes of the earlier TV series and subsequently supervised animation on four of the Final Act shows.

The OVA was later edited down slightly to standard TV episode length and broadcast as Episode 15 (True Heir) of Sunrise's concluding season.

The lengthy duel is made up of a long series of action sequences involving increasingly complicated magico/martial-arts attacks. Their specific details of these are difficult to summarize: interested readers can check out the Inuyasha Wiki, which includes both a detailed summary of Final Act, Episode 15 (the edited version of the OVA), as as well as a thorough discussion of the Meido Zangetsuha or "Dark Path of the Dawn Moon's Wave", the magical attack that gives the Tessaiga its black coloring and ultimate strength.

 Spectators to the fight

 Spectators to the fight: Kohaku


 Inuyasha attacks Sesshōmaru: A1, A2

 Inuyasha attacks Sesshōmaru: A3

 Inuyasha attacks Sesshōmaru: A4

 Inuyasha attacks Sesshōmaru: A5

 Inuyasha attacks Sesshōmaru: reanimation

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