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This dark series ran in 20 episodes in 2003-04, with two "secret" episodes released only on DVD. It envisions a dark futuristic subterranean world, riddled through with conspiracies and on the brink of apocalypse. Produced by Madhouse, it was directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, a veteran of Macross, Metropolis, Trigun, the Vampire Hunter D movie, and X (movie and TV series). (And the CCS Movie 2 The Sealed Card too.) Overall Animation direction was done by Shigeo Ahahori, using conceptual design by Yoshitoshi ABe.

Texhnolyze sketches rarely come onto the market and in small batches; they still generate keen competition. I've been able to sneak off with a few interesting sketch sets, making this small gallery possible. Other galleries holding art from this series include Morgan’s Gallery (the most extensive online collection), and d__m Cel Gallery.

 Ichese trying to escape: Layouts

 Ichese trying to escape: roughs

 Ichese trying to escape: gengas

 Ichese trying to escape: shuuseis

 Ichese trying to escape: reanimation

 Mari’s pimp (Layout, rough)

 Mari’s pimp (Genga, shuusei, douga)

 Mari’s Pimp, now dead: rough

 Mari’s Pimp, now dead: douga

 Mana Onishi

 Mana Onishi

 Eriko Kamata (“Doc”) talks to a stranger

 Eriko Kamata (“Doc”)

 Texhnolyze: Ran Portrait

 Shinji in a fight

 Shinji: genga, shuusei, douga

 Michiko Hirota B1 (Layout/Rough)

 Michiko Hirota B1 (Genga/Shuuseis)

 Michiko Hirota B2 (Layout, shuusei)

 Michiko Hirota B2 (Genga, shuusei)

 Michiko Hirota: Reanimation

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