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Displayed here is a nearly complete settei pack for Grimm Douwa: Kin no Tori [Grimm's Tales: The Golden Bird, Madhouse 1984]. It includes model sheets for all the important characters, along with concept art intended to guide the animators. It is a photocopy, but a decent one, probably used during the production of the film. Though there are no annotations that would prove this, the set does contain the staple holes and creases that show that it was originally circulated as a booklet. For each full-page scan I've added (in the thumbnails) two enlarged images of interesting details on the sheet.

The original art would have been the work of chief animation director and character designer Manabu Ohashi, a veteran animator who worked on the 1965 Astro Boy for Mushi Production. He gained experience during the 1970s working on popular series such as Nobody’s Boy: Remi (1977-78) and Treasure Island (1978), and then became a wide-ranging key animator during the 80s, working extensively on Black Jack, Cobra, Sailor Moon, and others. He also worked for Sanrio, contributing gengas to both Unico movies and to Syrius no Densetsu/The Sea Prince and the Fire Child.

Aside from this movie, his most visible project was the “Cloud” segment of Robot Carnival, which Ohashi directed, scripted, and did character design and animation supervision. Less active in later years, this artist still contributed key animation to A Tree of Palme (2001), the Air movie (2005), and the 2011 Doraemon movie, Nobita and the Steel Troops: The New Age.

 1: Grimm Douwa: Kin no Tori Title Page

 2: Lulu

 3: Lulu

 4: Lulu

 5: Lulu

 6: Hans

 7: Hans

 8: Hans

 9: Prince Croyler

 10: Prince Warner

 11: King Kaiser

 12: The Witch

 13: The Witch

 14: The Witch

 15: The Witch

 16: The Golden Bird

 17: The Golden Bird

 18: Ootori (Big Bird)

 19: Ootori (Big Bird)

 20: Princess Roland

 21: Princess Roland

 22: Princess Roland

 23: White Rose King

 24: King Kanemachi
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