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Condition Green OVA 1.1: Episode 3 Cels

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I've gathered enough cels and backgrounds for Episode 3 to give them their own gallery. Staff for specific episodes is not readily available, but I presume Ep. 3 was directed by the storyboard artist, Tori Yamada (Code Geass, Marmalade Boy, Yu-Gi-oh!). Script was by Yoshihisa Araki (Mobile Suit Gundam). Animation direction was shared by Eisaku Inoue (One Piece, St. Seiya) and Shigetaka Kiyoyama (Gegege no Kitaro 3, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and Super S)

 Barney Page Having Squirrel Problems

 Barney demands his cookie back

 Mr G and the Psychedelic Squirrel: A2

 Mr G and the Psychedelic Squirrel: A13

 Barney and the Squirrel.

 Bad Girl and Snarky Paula

 Bad Girl Piloting a Spacecraft

 Keith climbs up the side

 Eddie and Sho on patrol

 Eddie and Sho looking out

 Keith: "Well done, Eddie!"

 Eddie Strangled by Bad Girl

 Keith brandishes his knife.

 Bad Girl Dueling with Keith

 Keith blocks Bad Girl’s attack.

 Bad Girl takes the upper hand

 Keith is disarmed

 Sho, Eddie, and the Episode-Ender

 Eddie moving the Episode-Ender

 Defiant Eddie

 Keith and Bad Girl struggling

 Keith wrestling with Bad Girl.

 Keith holds Bad Girl’s sword

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