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Asatte no Hōkō 2: Episodes 4-6

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After the shock of the magical exchange, the first story arc settles down to a pleasant series of discoveries on both female's parts. Karada likes being able to do adult things, and Shoko gets used to the relative freedom of childhood. This is related through a series of largely undramatic episodes in which we see the two females adjusting to their new identities and interacting with others, particularly with Hiro, Karada’s “big brother” (and Shöko’s lover), and with Karada’s schoolmate friend Tetsu. The entry of the roguish Kotomi into the situation adds another level of tension.

Episode 4: Please Believe [Shinjite hoshii]
Director: Masami Furukawa (also 9)
Animation Director: Akiko Nakano (also 9)
Senior Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

Episode 5: A Place To Return To [ Kaeru tokoro]
Director: Daisuke Takashima (also 1, 10)
Animation Director: Sumie Kinoshita (also 10)
Senior Animation Director: Ikuko Itou

Episode 6: Summer's Eternity [Natsu no eien]
Director: Toshiaki Miki
Episode animation director: Kazunori Iwakura (also 2, 11) with Hiroyuki Kaidou (also 10)
Senior Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

 Shōko runs from Kotomi: C2

 Shōko runs from Kotomi: A2

 Shōko runs from Kotomi: Reanimation

 Shōko finishes her meal: A1

 Shōko finishes her meal: A5

 Shōko finishes her meal: A8

 Shōko has nothing to do after supper: A1

 Shōko has nothing to do after supper: A4

 Shōko has nothing to do after supper: A6

 Hiro and Karada in the morning

 Embarrassed Hiro

 Hiro asks Shoko to come with him

 Kotomi introduces herself: A1

 Kotomi introduces herself: A2 and A3

 Tetsu is discouraged: cut 189

 Tetsu is discouraged: cut 191

 Tetsu is discouraged: cut 194

 Tetsu is discouraged: reanimation

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (1): A1

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (1): A2, A3, A3.5

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (1): A4

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (2): A1

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (2): A2

 Kotomi Teases Tetsu (2): Extras
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