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Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen, Eps. 10-12

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The sixth gallery completes my collection of Zuruckspulen sketches, focusing on the complicated resolution of the now conjoined plots. This involves the revival of a major character killed off in RM Season 2, along with the apparent demise of the protagonist Shinku. Art for these episodes is exceptionally good, thanks to the work of Hirofumi Morimoto (Is This a Zombie?) and Kyuta Sakai (Higurashi / When They Cry), who collaborated as chief animation directors for this part of the series.

Ep. 10: Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Chief Animation Director: Kyuta Sakai
Animation Directors: Hirofumi Morimoto, Akiko Matsuo, Youichi Ishikawa, and Zenjirou Ukulele

Ep. 11: Director:Kenichi Takeshita
Chief Animation Director: Hirofumi Morimoto
Animation Directors: Hirofumi Morimoto, Kumiko Horikoshi, Kenji Hattori, and Shota Tsukuyama

Ep. 12: Director: Mamoru Hatakeyama
Chief Animation Director: Kyuta Sakai
Animation Directors: Bum-Chul Chang, Hyo Eun Kim and Hye-Ran Shin (for Hanjin Animation)

 The Time-Space Clock strikes midnight.

 Suigintou and Shinku Astonished

 Souseiseki sets Sui down: A1

 Souseiseki sets Sui down: A2

 Souseiseki sets Sui down: A5

 Suigintou and Shinku React

 Souseiseki senses Elder Jun

 Souseiseki senses Elder Jun: Reanimation

 Elder Jun and Kanaria on the N-level

 Shinku in a thoughtful mood

 Shinku in a thoughtful mood

 Shinku in a thoughtful mood: Reanimation

 Suigintou hears Souseiseki’s offer

 Suigintou hears Souseiseki’s offer

 Sui reawakens: A1

 Sui reawakens: A3

 Sui reawakens: Reanimation

 Sou pinches Sui on the cheek

 Souseiseki gives Suiseiseki a significant glance

 Souseiseki gives Suiseiseki a significant glance: Extras

 Suigintou and Shinku watch the Clock come to life

 Sui and Suigintou watch Kirakishou’s final struggle

 Shinku dies: A1

 Shinku dies: A2
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