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This series was originally released as a PlayStation 2 game in April 2003, and then adapted in January 2004 into a 12-episode anime by Studio Deen. A fairly standard harem/magical girl series, it focuses on the "pervert loser" protagonist Tomokazu who happens, in typical moe style, to possess a certain charisma needed to defeat a bunch of mysterious dream-world baddies. And so he gathers around him a squadron of pretty girls, some from his world, others from a mysterious other world, who become his partners in this dream-world battleground. The series was rated good in art by the ANN reviewer but poor in dialogue and plot. (I did a quick check of episodes available in streaming video and concur on both fronts.)

It was directed by Keitaro Motonaga, who had previously worked with Toshihiro Hirano at AIG, contributing storyboards and episode direction to Magic Knight Rayearth (both seasons) and to Vampire Princess Miyu. Motonaga also co-directed (with Hirano) the Rayearth OAV. Character design was handled by Shinobu Nishioka, another veteran of the Rayearth OAV (animation direction, eps. 1 and 3) as wall as of Devilman Lady (character design).

The art is undeniably nice, like that of Rayearth, and when it first appeared on the market, it created a lot of Japanside competition. Noise over the series has settled, though, and art now is happily more available at better prices.

 OP: Mone and Neneko

 OP: Mone and Neneko: Reanimation

 OP: Kuyo and Mizuki

 OP: the whole cast on the street

 Mone turns to Tomokazu: Roughs

 Mone turns to Tomokazu: Reanimation

 Neneko arrives to help Tomokazu

 Mizuki and Mone in battle: layout

 Mizuki and Mone in battle: Mone

 Mizuki and Mone in battle: Mizuki

 Mizuki and Mone in battle: Reanimations

 Mizuki in a yukata

 Mizuki as a bunnygirl (first layout and roughs)

 Mizuki as a bunnygirl (genga and douga)

 Mizuki as a Bunnygirl 2

 The adventurers celebrate a victory

 Mone as the Priestess of Sleep

 Mone as the Priestess of Sleep (reanimation)

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