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This 2003 BONES production was part of the studio’s memorable entry into the anime world, which included three Kobe Anime of the Year prizes in five years. While Wolf’s Rain one did not win this distinction, it was immediately claimed as a classic by fans and holds that distinction to this day.

The saga focuses on a pack of individualist wolves who are fighting extinction with the help of their ability to shapeshift into human form. Disparate as they are in personality, they are brought together by a common urge to seek out an elusive “Paradise” on earth that lures them with an exotic floral scent.

The series brought together several artists who had previously collaborated on Sunrise’s masterpiece, Cowboy Bebop: Keiko Nobumoto (series composition), Yoko Kanno (theme songs and musical score), and Toshihiro Kawamoto (character design). Director Tensai Okamura had previously done storyboarding for Cowboy Bebop, but this was his first assignment as series director, a job he has since carried out for many subsequent series.

Production art has been available for some time, though at first it traded for prices well above what my modest budget could afford. Now that prices have moderated somewhat, I’m happy to be able to pick up enough of these vivid, dramatic images to give this worthy series a gallery of its own.

For more information on the creators, and for links to other RS galleries with Wolf’s Rain art, see the note to this item in the gallery.

 Kiba in Wolf Form

 Kiba in Human Form

 Hige with the key to the cell


 Cheza senses trouble

 Cheza senses trouble: Reanimation

 Wolf attack: A1, A2

 Wolf attack: A3, A4

 Wolf attack: A5-A7

 Wolf attack: reanimation

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