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This CGI anime version of Natsuki Takaya’s monumental manga was produced by Studio Deen in 26 episodes in 2001. As Takaya-sama’s manga continued to run for five more years, producing surprise after surprise, the anime was brought to an abrupt ending shortly after Kyo’s first transformation into his monstrous form, but it was otherwise quite faithful to the original in both story and art.

The director was Akitaro Daichi, whose experience included camera work for Grave of the Fireflies and storyboards for series including Rurouni Kenshin, Saber Marionette J, and Vampire Princess Miyu. His most notable credentials were overall direction of Jubei-chan and Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

Character designer and chief animation director was Akemi Hayashi, also a veteran of Rurouni Kenshin and Nurse Angel Ririka (and also chief animator of the Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie). She has recently gained much more visibility as character designer and chief animation director of the recent hit Banana Fish (2018).

 Ep.1: Tohru leaves for school

 Ep.2: Shigure picks up the mail (roughs)

 Ep.5: An Onigiri in a Fruits Basket

 Shigure picks up the mail (gengas)

 Shigure barks at Kyo

 Shigure barks at Kyo: focus on Yuki

 Shigure barks at Kyo: Reanimation

 The Jig is Up: cut 18

 The Jig is Up: cut 20

 Tohru learns Kyo is The Cat: A1

 Tohru learns Kyo is The Cat: A2

 Ep. 4: Tohru concerned about Kagura: A1

 Tohru concerned about Kagura: A2

 Piglet Kagura karate-chops Kyo: A1

 Piglet Kagura karate-chops Kyo: A4

 Piglet Kagura karate-chops Kyo: B2

 Piglet Kagura karate-chops Kyo: Reanimation

 Tohru listens to her grandfather 1

 Tohru listens to her grandfather 2

 Ep.6: Tohru hears Arisa and Saki plan to visit the Sohmas

 Shocked Kyo

 Tohru tells how she met Uo-chan

 Yuki reacts to Saki’s memories of meeting Tohru

 Tohru gets ready to play “Rich Man, Poor Man”
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