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Tenshi ni Narumon 00: Tennimon behind the scenes: A Quirky Tour

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This tour was inspired by my getting two interesting grab-bag lots of sketches from this interesting 1999 Studio Pierrot series. Overall direction was handled by Hiroshi Nishikiori, with character design by Hiromi Kato, but the individual episodes were subcontracted to an interesting variety of studios. So (like Hyper Police, another Pierrot production) the approach to individual episodes can turn out to be quite different. This becomes especially clear in the early stages of the sketchwork, as Kato-san and his associates managed to keep the final visual look of episodes consistent.

So rather than scatter these new acquisitions around the galleries, I've grouped most of these here, organizing them by episode and cut numbers. (05.336, for instance, is Step 5, cut 336. Keep in mind that that the episodes after Step 7 are numbered on the layouts +1 from their final numbering, as Pierrot produced but did not release an "unseen" episode.)

So the gallery includes all the extras -- roughs, copy roughs, genzus or practice drawings, and notes aplenty, for which (thanks to my friend KuroiTsubasa4) I've included translations.

The first of these little-seen items is featured in the gallery banner: one of the captions that is flashed on the screen every so often for comic effect. This reads "Noelu no unmei wa?" or "Is this Noelle's fate?" It was painted, in the traditional way, on rice paper with a broad brush, then mounted on a standard piece of studio paper for photographing.

Noelle's fate? Perhaps, but at least these miscellaneous and often discarded leavings of the animation process have found a safe home here.

 05.336: Yuusuke and Noelle meet Sara

 07.010: Noelle's living room

 15.010: Mama plans breakfast

 15.021: Mikael's bedroom

 15.066: The Angel Statue

 15.096: Yuusuke as Sisyphus

 15.096: Yuusuke as Sisyphus (genzu and rough)

 15.137: Mirror Muse appears

 15.137: The Back of Noelle's Head

 15.145: Mirror Muse tempts Noelle

 17.018: Papa explains the red thread

 17.024: Yuusuke in the living room

 17.053: Noelle attaches the red thread

 17.054: How romantic!

 17.055: Lost in a reverie

 17.057: Yuusuke and Noelle are a "red string"

 17.066: Natsumi all attention

 17.067: Noelle shows the red string to Natsumi

 17.078: The red string is broken

 18.059: Embarrassed Mama

 Noelle cornering Yuusuuke

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