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Asatte no Hōkō 3: Episode 7

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Futari no Tsukanoma [A Moment Between Them] is one of the highlights of this series. It deals with the growing friendship between the now-grown Karada and the rejuvenated Shoko, who now find themselves confortable enough to have more and more intimate conversations. Karada devises a plan to make a birthday surprise for Hiro, and the two work together well enough that it succeeds brilliantly. But it has consequences that turn the plot in a dark direction.

This episode was directed by Toshikazu Hashimoto, who also directed Episodes 2 and 11. This artist also did episode direction for the Familiar of Zero series (like a number of other AnH personnel), and later on A Certain Magical Index and the long-running Shakugan no Shana series. The script was by Seishi Minakami, who handled series composition for AnH.

Masahiro Fujii was listed as the episode’s animation director. Fujii entered anime doing inbetweeners for Revolutionary Girl Utena; later he did gengas for Excel Saga and moved up to episode animation director with the 2003 series Maburaho. Just before his work on this series, he stepped up again to become Character Designer/Chief Animation Director for Familiar of Zero (2006). Since then he has taken this task for a number of series, including Hayate the Combat Butler (2009), a revival of Familiar of Zero (2013), Golden Time (2013), SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist (2015), and, most recentlyAlice & Zoroku (2017). He also did quite a bit of work on A Certain Scientific Railgun (2009).

Ikuko Ito served as senior animation director for this (and the other odd-numbered episodes), reviewing Fujii’s roughs and on occasion revising them substantially. The occasional complete shuuseis she did for important scenes (one is featured in the banner above) are among my most cherished sketches.

 A Talk about the Past: layouts

 A Talk about the Past: B1/D1

 Karada listens to Shōko describe college life: A1

 Karada listens to Shōko describe college life: A2

 Shōko remembers

 A Talk about the Past: B2/D4

 Shōko walks to the window

 “Did you have someone you liked?”

 “You were beautiful then, weren’t you?”

 “You were beautiful then, weren’t you?” Reanimated dougas

 "That’s right!"

 Shōko Describes Her Boyfriend to Karada

 Shōko thinks about the past

 Shōko thinks about the past: reanimation

 Preparing to Make Hiro-nii’s Birthday Cake

 Tōko Amino listens skeptically to Hiro

 Shōko corrected by Karada

 Kotomi at the Wishing Shrine: B1

 Kotomi at the Wishing Shrine: B3

 Kotomi at the Wishing Shrine: B4

 Kotomi at the Wishing Shrine: B6

 “Did you make a friend yet?”

 Karada turns to leave (reanimation)

 Mission Accomplished: Shōko (A1)
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