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Asatte no Hōkō 5: Episode 10

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Episode 10: Real Name [Hontou no namae].

Director: Daisuke Takashima
Script:Tatsuhiko Urahata
Episode Animation Directors: Sumie Kinoshita, Ryoichi Oki, Hiroyuki Kaidou, Mitsuharu Kajitani, and Souichirou Sako.
Senior Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

This moody episode deals with Karada's love for her companion Tetsu, who cannot bring himself to understand that the grown-up woman who has become his friend is the same little girl for whom he is desperately searching. I've been lucky, over time, to find a large number of related sketch sets from this episode, notably Tetsu's big confession scene.

 Karada and Tetsu meet again: rough, layout, genzu

 Karada and Tetsu meet again: gengas and shuusei



 Karada ill at ease: A1

 Karada ill at ease: Reanimation

 Karada ill at ease: A4

 Karada ill at ease: A5

 Karada embarrassed by Tetsu

 Karada and Kotomi

 Karada looks at the sea

 “What is your secret?”

 Storyboard for Cuts 134-37

  “So ... tell me about this secret.”


  “Why are you so anxious to find her?”

 Tetsu thinking about Karada-chan: A1


 Karada’s Reactions: Reanimations

 Tetsu thinking about Karada-chan: A2

 Tetsu thinking about Karada-chan: Reanimation

  “... But...”

 “I will search until I find her!”

 Ganbatte, Tetsu-kun!
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