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Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tibibito, or "The Dark, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Book" (Yamibou for short) was first published as a video game in 2002. There the player took on the task of locating a girl who has been abducted by a dragon and taken to a mysterious alternative world. By entering the "books" in a celestial library, the player interacted with people and creatures in a number of alternative universes, while looking for traces of the kidnapped girl.

The anime, produced in 13 episodes by Studio Deen in 2003, replaces the gamer’s point of view with the warrior girl Hazuki. The new story arc is based on the same "library of worlds" concept but develops a transgressive yuri scenario. Hazuki has developed an intense sexual affection for her sister Hatsumi (she's adopted, but that doesn’t make it any less transgressive). On her sixteenth birthday, Hatsumi vanishes, and to find her, Hazuki makes her way to the library of worlds, where the curator, Lilith (she of the big hat) agrees to help her explore the many worlds and locate her.

Director: Yuji Yamaguchi
Series Composition: Tomomi Mochizuki
Character Designer and Series Animation Director: Asako Nishida

You can view a wider selection of art from Yamibo in Macron’s cels gallery (the largest and best online gallery), Izobel's Animation Art Gallerie (fine sketches, good descriptions), Doug's Cels (lovely rilezu, some settei), and at BlueBlade Anime Art (a lone but bodaciously sexy rilezu).


 Ritsuko and Mariel: Rilezu

 Ritsuko and Mariel: Copy background


 Hazuki ready for action

 Hazuki attacks!

 Quill introduces herself to Ken

 Lilith and Quill at the center of attention

 Milka and Rascaless

 Milka startled by visitors: A1/B1

 Milka startled by visitors: A2

 Milka startled by visitors: reanimation

 Hazuki arrives in Milka’s world

 Hazuki arrives in Milka’s world: Rilezu

 Milka talking with Hazuki: Rilezu

 Milka talking with Hazuki: Copy background

 Hazuki listening to Ken-chan

 Milka discussing male/female anatomy with Ken-chan

 Puzzled Milka

 Puzzled Milka: Rilezu

 Hazuki in a Mindquake

 Hazuki swimming underwater

 Embarrassed Seiren

 Flashback: Hazuki gets a text message from Hatsumi
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