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Condition Green OVA 4: Cels: The Rest of the Cast

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The cels of the rest of the cast are well worth a view, including the bold, manly Keith Winter, his winsome wife Maria, and his sidekicks, George (or "Mr. G," the muscleman), Eddie (the new boy, eager but reckless), Sho (the techie guy with the bionic arm), and Jan (the perennial complainer). Plus the irrepressible Barney Page and his solicitous mom Angie who tries to keep him squeaky clean.

 The Condition Green Commandos in their Jeep

 Mr G and the Psychedelic Squirrel: A13

 Mr G and the Psychedelic Squirrel: A2

 Mr. G in action mode

 Patriotic Keith

 Indulgent Keith

 Keith climbs up the side

 Eddie Strangled by Bad Girl

 Sho, Eddie, and the Episode-Ender

 Eddie moving the Episode-Ender

 Defiant Eddie

 Maria Winter

 Maria in profile

 Maria in the command room

 Barney Page Having Squirrel Problems

 Barney wants something

 Barney and the Squirrel.

 Barney gets something nutritious to eat

 Angie Page and the fatal glass of milk

 Barney Page pretends he’s asleep

 The commandoes’ spiritual advisor?

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