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This interesting set of sketches show early stages in the character design for this series. They are likely to have been drawn by character designer/chief animation director Shoji Hara. Working for Studio Live, this artist gained experience with long-running series such as Case Closed and Inuyasha. His first major character designing stint was the wacky Wandaba Style (2003), followed by Sasami (2006-07). This major assignment was followed in short order by a number of others with a harem or moe emphasis, including Saint October (2007), Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka (2008), and 11eyes (2009). More recently, Hara has received attention as character designer for the successful PriPara series (2014+).

The drawings range from some nearly finished designs for Sasami’s magical companion Tsukasa Takamine, to a series of early, discarded concepts for her mysterious idol Amitav. Also included is some preliminary images for a Sailor-Moon-style magical girl character, who apparently was cut or radically rethought at a later stage.

A recent addition adds three interesting oversized sketches that appear to be early drafts for hanken art, featuring Tsukasa and also possibly featuring animation director Hara's work.

 Takamine Tsukasa

 Misugi Anri

 Amitav (early concept)

 Amitav (androgynous version)

 Amitav (androgynous version)

 Amitav (later version with scruffy hair)

 Sailor-Moon-style Magical Girl

 Tsukasa: Hanken drafts?

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