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Hyper Police Cels 2: All the Rest

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This gallery collects my cels of Natsuki's companions, rivals, and enemies. Notable among these is her older, more experienced partner, Sakura. She is a full-bred kyubi, or fox-spirit, and so she assumes the traditional sly, trickster nature that such beings represent in Japanese legends.

Other members of the bounty hunter force, like Batanen and Tommy-kun, are werewolves who combine dog and human characteristics. They vie with the official police force, which is manned by humans like the magic user Peau (Po, Poe) and the feisty amazon Fonne. Their mutual quarries are still quirkier human/animal hybrids.

 Sakura gets ready to blast a collar

 Sly Sakura  

 Sakura Furious at Natsuki

 Sakura has a brainstorm

 Sakura tries to hitch a ride

 Sakura Gets Ready to Devour Natsuki

 Noir Sakura

 Sakura in flagrante

 Natsuki and Sakura save a kid from the Mole Bandit

 Sakura in a happy mood

 A Disgruntled Sakura

 Sakura tries to Terminate Kazumi

 Surprised Sakura

 Batanan Fires Off a Round


 Scared Chibi-Batanen

 Frustrated Peau

 Peau reports to her boss

 Tommy-kun relaxing

 Distraught Fonne

 Natsuki gets Molested by a Monster

 Kissyface Monster

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