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This classic adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi’s epic manga (1996-2008) was produced by Sunrise and ran in 167 episodes (and four movies) from October 2000 to September 2004. The first 99 episodes were cel-based, and starting with Ep. 100 the production went CGI.

Inuyasha cels are among the most competitively collected in the market; small wonder, as the character design and sense of dramatic action in this series are unparalleled. This gallery collects my precious few cels, along with two interesting sketch sets from the early part of the series.

 Kōga battling a Panther Tribe warrior: roughs 10 and 11, layout 11

 Koga battling a Panther Tribe warrior: Animated layouts

 Koga battling a Panther Tribe warrior: Animated roughs

 Shippo, Fox Demon of Justice.

 Shippo battling the monkeys: A1

 Shippo battling the monkeys: A4, A8

 Shippo waving to the monkeys

 Shippo waving to the monkeys: layout

 Kirara Running
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