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Kago no naka or "Inside the Cage" is one of the tragic tales of this series. It concerns Kisuke, a normal human who as a child befriends Setsu, a strange girl who lives alone in a bamboo grove. One day he finds that he can no longer leave the grove, so the two grow up there together, eventually having a child of their own. Ginko encounters them, and he soon discerns Setsu's true identity and the reason Kisuke cannot leave. The knowledge leads Setsu to a desperate act, which she hopes will free the man she loves from the "cage" in which she has unintentionally trapped him.

Setsu was voiced by one of the great Japanese seiyuu, Junko Iwao. Perhaps best known as Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura, she also portrayed Kotori in the X Movie, Ceres in Ayashi no Ceres, the title role in Devilman Lady, and Key in Key the Metal Idol. Most recently, she was the teacher Kazuko Saotome in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The series, like others, makes the landscape a major player in the plot, and the thick stand of bamboo becomes a claustrophobic, nightmarish setting for this sad story. As with previous sets I have obtained from this important series, these are artboards working out the finished form of the backgrounds. In this gallery, I feature this original art, which works out the vegetation in precise detail, while the players are represented, if at all, as vague colored outlines. However, they are accompanied by reference copies of the layouts, in which Ginko and the others are represented in more detail. I’ve added these as thumbnails to the pages.

 Cut 26. Kisuke talks to Ginko

 Cut 43. Ginko finds the way out

 Cut 48. Ginko rests in the village

 Cut 81. Ginko hears Kisuke’s story

 Cut 100. Flashback: Setsu is pregnant

 Cut 117. Ginko listens to Kisuke

 Cut 122. Mapping the grove

 Cut 123. Kisuke wandering in the bamboo grove

 Cut 125. Ginko observes Kisuke’s path

 Cut 137. Ginko meets Setsu by the white bamboo

 Cut 156. Kisuke and his daughter

 Cut 167. Setsu realizes the truth

 Cut 196. The couple’s bedroom

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