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Gegege no Kitarō 4 (Toei, 1996-98)

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Gegege no Kitaro

This gallery includes cels and gengas from the Toei's Kitaro 4, the last cel-based avatar. The character development remained much the same from the 1980s series, but some fine details in character design, along with significantly sharper condition, identify these as Kitaro 4 items.

The anime remains a favorite in Japan, and it is odd that this gallery is the first one on Rubberslug to feature art from any of its versions. I hope that this preliminary collection will help give this series some of the attention it deserves.

 Kitarō on attack!

 Kitarō in a dust devil

 Give me back my scarf!

 Kitarō in a rage

 Kitarō and Nezumi-otako are captured

 Fiery Kitarō


 Neko-Mesume goes yōkai

 Konaki-jiji running

 Kitaro running

 A stern Kitaro

 Kitaro and Neko Mesume startled

 Neko Mesume transforming into her yokai self

 Neko Mesume transforming into her yokai self: reanimation

 Nezumi-otoko selling something

 Kitaro riding on Ittan Momen

 Kitaro at rest

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Gallery Created: 8/3/2002
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