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Tonde Buurin: Eyecatch, OP, ED, Henshin

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This 1994-95 series (done in 52 episodes by Nippon Animation) is a funny send-up both of the Japanese "magical girl" and the American "League of Super Heroes" and "X-Men" traditions. The main character is Karin, the normal Japanese schoolgirl who in the normal mahou shoujo way, befriends a magical animal from another world.

The good news is that she gains the power to do a very impressive henshin, a la Sailor Moon, gets an equally impressive battle costume, complete with a red-and-blue superhero cape and initial on her chest, and then has a variety of superpowers with which she can perform deeds of benevolence.

The bad news is that (since the magical animal comes from a world where pigs are the highest life form) she has to turn into "Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin," or "Super Pig Girl of Love and Courage."

The concept was drawn from a one-off manga parody by Taeko Ikeda, titled (noooo, I’m not making this up!) "Bibbidy Bobbidy Buurin!" Ikeda also did a short manga series that ran simultaneously with the anime. The series had a wide range of directors, including Kunihisa Sugishima (later director of both Speed Grapher and Yu-Gi-Oh!), and Masahiro Hosoda (episode director and storyboarder for much of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars).

Most importantly, Hiroshi Nishikiori, who directed a large part of the series, later developed the original story concept for Tenshi ni Narumon and directed that masterful anime. Hiromi Kato also did the character design for both Tonde Buurin and Tennimon (as well as for CLAMP in Wonderland 2 and Kobato).

This gallery collects my precious images from this henshin bank, along with some equally delightful cels from the opening and closing animation sequences. Plus a precious eyecatch cel, a prize that for years I'd assumed was a wish I'd never realize on this plane of existence.

 OP: Free at Last!

 Tonde Buurin Eyecatch

 Tonde Buurin OP: When the Cheering Stops

 Tonde Buurin OP: Karin Chasing Buurin

 ED: Visions of Sugar Plums

 OP: Karin Flying

 Time for Buurin!


 Henshin: Leaning into It

 Henshin: Nearly Complete!

 Henshin: Complete!

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