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Microid S is a 1973 “Golden Age” Toei Studios series, based on a manga by Osamu Tezuka. Briefly, the premise is that nuclear fallout causes a society of ants to develop advanced intelligence. Quickly arming itself with hypertechnological weapons, the insects set about seizing control of Earth from the self-destructive human race.

In the process, they kidnap three humans, shrink them to insect size and turn them into cyborgs. Retrofitted with insect wings and an array of sci-fi weapons, the “Microids” are engineered to be slaves to the ants and use their new buggy powers to advance the insects’ quest to conquer the Earth.

Instead, the three cyborgs escape and try to warn the outside world. The 26 episodes present their collective efforts to foil the ants’ world-domination plot and defeat a variety of insectoid robots and cyborgs.

The three Microids embody typical stereotypes of the period. Yanma (“Dragonfly”) is the bold, hunky male warrior, Ageha ("Swallowtail Butterfly") is his pretty, feisty female companion, while Mamezo (“Bean Beetle”) is the mischievous youngster prone to showing off and getting himself into fixes.

 Evil Mantis Cyborg

 Mamezō on a flower

 Mamezō starting to slip

 Storyboard 1

 Storyboard 2

 Storyboard 3
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