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Rozen Maiden 1: Shinku and Jun

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The plot concerns Jun Sakurada, a male middle school student who is anything but normal; in fact he spends his whole life in his room, idly surfing the Web and refusing to go to school.

When he meets Shinku, a creepy levitating china doll who comes to life and coerces him to become her slave, we at first think he has gotten just about what was coming to him.

But the dolls come with their own inner demons, and little by little, we begin to see that they desperately need Jun's help. To provide this, he has to put his life in order, so the dolls' increasing problems are balanced by Jun's growing understanding of himself.

This gallery contains a number of sketches that I've scanned but hidden to keep this gallery limited to 24 visible items. If you want to see it all, go to "Private Area," enter the password "seemorestuff" and return.

 Shinku appears to the girl in the prologue

 Shinku: Before the Awakening

 Shinku Slaps Jun

 Jun and Shinku Face the Killer Clown: A1

 Jun and Shinku Face the Killer Clown: A3

 Jun and Shinku Face the Killer Clown: Animated dougas

 “Good Boy, Jun!”

 Shinku Possesses Jun

 Shinku in Battle

 Shinku facing off against Hina-ichigo

 Jun and Shinku see Suigintou abduct Hina-ichigo

 Shinku grabbed by the zombie doll arms (layouts and genzu)

 Shinku grabbed by the zombie doll arms (rough, genga, douga)

 Shinku shocked to be still alive: C1

 Shinku shocked to be still alive: C3 (first version)

 Shinku shocked to be still alive: C3 (final version)

 A Stern Shinku

 Jun watches over a comatose Shinku

 Sleeping Shinku.

 Shinku tries to awaken Hina-ichigo

 Shinku hanging on to the magic clock

 Shinku as “Snow White”

 “To Live is to Fight”

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