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Asatte no Hōkō 7: Episode 12

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Episode 12: Being Here [ Koko ni iru koto ]
Director: Kazuo Yamada (also 3)
Episode animation director: Masahiro Fujii (also 7), Ryoichi Oki (also 1, 3, 8, and 10), Mitsuharu Kajitani (also 10), and Shinya Hasegawa
Senior Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

The final episode brings the various plot threads together and into a surprising and satisfying conclusion. Shouko and Karada come to terms with the implications of their wishes, Tetsu learns the truth about what has happened to her little friend (and then learns to believe it), Hiro confronts his emotional weakness and begins to take responsibility for what it’s caused. And Kotomi ... well, she’s there, all around the edges, until the last scene when she plays one final plot-resolving trick and boards the train for home.

 Ep. 12: Karada-chan at the Wishing Stone Shrine

 Shōko and Karada in the Prologue: Ep. 12 variation (layout and genzu)

 Shōko and Karada in the Prologue: Ep. 12 variation (gengas and douga)

 Hiro and Shōko-chan on the train

 Hiro and Shōko-chan

 Shōko-chan walking with Kotomi: A1

 Shōko-chan walking with Kotomi: A5

 Shōko and Karada on the overlook

 Weeping, running Karada: roughs

 Weeping, running Karada: gengas

 Weeping, running Karada: reanimation

 Tetsu: “I ... I ... I ... I ...”

 Tetsu: “I love you!”

 Tetsu: “I love you!” Reanimation

 Karada responds to Tetsu’s confession

 Shōko-chan pretends to be the lost Karada

 Bashful Tetsu

 Bashful Tetsu: Reanimation

 Shōko-chan and Tetsu take their leave

 Shōko reassures Tetsu

 Kotomi at the train station

 Shōko: “We're ‘friends’??” A1

 Shōko: “We're 'friends'??” A3, A4

 Shōko watches Kotomi board the train
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