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Matogi Haru is a normal high school male whose passion is Mimika, a cute white rabbit that he keeps in a hutch on the roof of his school. Mikami Inaba is a tough female street fighter who enjoys setting up matches with rough and ready guys, also on the high school roof. One day she takes a hit that knocks her through the hutch and over the side. During her fall, the bad girl and the cute bunny merge personalities, and the result is a bunny-girl with a bipolar complex.

The blonde Mimika aspect is emotionally attached to her human "owner," glomping and snuggling with him whenever decently possible. However, when a chance for a fight with some tough customers appears, she changes into her Mikami aspect. She retains her original brawling spirit, but she now has black (actually dark chocolate brown) rabbit ears and enhanced fighting skills thanks to the lapine alertness and high jumps she has inherited from her other self.

This 3-episode series from Pink Pineapple, a studio specializing in animated erotica, was one of the last (2001-02) anime series produced using cels. While it has frequent ecchi bits and the occasional hentai moment (mostly for nudity/wardrobe malfunction), it is still worth a look on its own artistic merits. This is thanks to an unusually strong animation staff headed by Yuji Moriyama, who'd handled character design and/or animation direction for a number of sensuous but respectable series. These include All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, plus the Rumiko Takahashi projects Maison Ikkoku and Urusei Yatsura. (Not to mention Gensomaden Saiyuki.)

The title is somewhat enigmatic and is often translated as "It's my bunny and it's Cue!!" which is patent Engrish. As "Cue" is given in Romaji in the title, I tend to think it refers to a brand of photo machines, which are popular in Asia, especially for individuals or couples who want to take sexually suggestive pictures of themselves. So I tend to think the title means something like "Bunnykins goes centerfold!" or "Little rabbit peep show!" One thing that supports this is that the most explicitly hentai images in the series are all still shots, done as (I think) harmony cels, suggesting commercial pornography. (And, significantly, they represent the internal fantasies of the otherwise rather innocent protagonists.)

While not licenced in North America, a decently subtitled fansub is available from time to time on YouTube and other streaming sites.

Under-18ers: Caution! this series is certifiably hentai for gratuitious nudity, violent martial arts action, and images of fantasy sex. Only one of the cels visible in this gallery is hentai, however (above-the-waist nudity).

 Miku Mizuki

 Human Mikami

 Human Mikami Falling

 Human Mikami Merging with Bunny Mimika

 Mimika snuggling with Matogi

 Mimika gives Miku a nose nuzzle

 Mimika in her bathing suit

 Koshka Introduced

 Koshka: The evil smirk

 Mimika Blushing

 Koshka with the risqué posing contestants

 Mimika in a sprint

 Mimika passes Koshka

 Koshka pounces on Mikami

 Mikami grappling with Koshka

 Mikami after a blast

 Matogi applying what he has learned in the series so far

 Mimika Jealous of Miku

 Mimika with the zippered panties

 Miku shocked by Mimika

 Mimika shocked by Miku 1

 Mimika shocked by Miku 2

 Mimika hears Matogi in trouble

 Mikami takes a swipe at Koshka
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