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Rozen Maiden 2: Everyone Else

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This second gallery brings together the other dolls, notably the series villain, Suigintou. Also featured are the rest of the Maidens who come to live in Jun's room (to his dismay), along with his (seemingly) ineffectual sister Nori.

 Souseiseki apologizes: A1

 Souseiseki apologizes: A2

 Souseiseki apologizes: A4

 Souseiseki apologizes: Reanimation

 Nori Arriving Home

 Hina-ichigo sees what she’s done to Tomoe: rough and genga

 Hina-ichigo sees what she’s done to Tomoe: reanimated dougas

 Suiseiseki: “Fly!”

 Suiseiseki: “Fly!” (Reanimated dougas)

 En Garde! Suiseiseki in Attack Mode

 Suiseiseki in an Intimate Moment with Jun

 Suiseiseki Shocked: A1

 Suiseiseki Shocked: A2 (Angry version)

 Suiseiseki Shocked: A2 (Sad version)

 Suigintou begins a magic attack

 Startled Suiseiseki (layouts)

 Startled Suiseiseki (A1)

 Startled Suiseiseki (A2)

 Suigintou Snarls at Shinku: A1

 Suigintou snarls at Shinku: A2

 Suigintou Snarls at Shinku: A4

 Suigintou snarls at Shinku: A5

 Suigintou snarls at Shinku: A6

 Suigintou: “Dance!”
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Curator: 60something-sensei
Gallery Created: 8/3/2002
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