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A Tree of Palme 3: Supporting Cast

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Nakamura's world is populated by a rich understory of interesting characters, ranging from creepy perverts, abusive parents, and sinister hunters, to inventive hybrid creatures.

 A Hunter Prepares to Kill Koram

 The Artful Dodger

 Creepy Gyariko and Popo

 Gyariko Gives Popo the Creepy Feel

 Darumaya in an ugly mood

 Bu Hides from Palme

 Zakuro returns Palme's gloves

 Roualt Tries to Explain

 Mu and Bu watch Palme scare Popo

 … and your little doggy-eared sidekick too!

 Mu, Bu, and Baron in a Panic

 Shatta and Roualt in a Watercraft

 Roualt in a Shipwreck

 "We Missed the Turnoff to the Underworld!"

 The Bolas Swarm over the Hunters’ Craft

 Baku the Impaler

 Roualt threatens Popo

 Palme Escapes from the Hunter

 The little aguri tempted closer by Palme

 Baron Flying After Palme and Popo

 Bu Bewildered

 Hunter on a Flying Zig

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