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Cardcaptor Sakura 15: Episode 42 (Sakura and the Cultural Festival Blackout)

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The first story arc comes to an emotional climax in this famous episode, which centers on a twisted performance of the famous fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty.” All the major characters take a part, with Sakura and Syaoran enacting the Prince and Princess -- only cross-dressed.

This funny take on Grimm’s story suddenly takes a serious turn when Sakura suddenly is faced by one of her most powerful adversaries. The way in which she finds the inner strength to meet this challenge is a turning point in the series, and my cels and gengas from this moment are among my prize possessions.

The script for this canonical episode was by Nanase Ohkawa, the scenario planner for CLAMP. Rei Mano, who directed the episode, did five other episodes for the anime, including the memorable “Little” episode (#24) and the opening episode of the second season, with the “Snowy” confrontation (#36). He later became series director for Ghost Hunt (2006-07) and assistant series director for Gunslinger Girl (2008).

Katsunori Kimizuka was animation director for this episode. He had come to notice as the chief animator of the historical animated film Rail of the Star (Madhouse, 1993), an intense war story about the Japanese occupation of Korea, as told from the perspective of a young child. One of the CCS regulars, he supervised ten adventures, as well as parts of the second movie. He later served as an animation director for Hikaru no Go and Monster.


 "I have my sword and my courage!"

 Ep. 42 Opener

 Princess Syaoran

 Meilin as Maleficent

 Evil Fairy Meilin : A1 and A2 gengas

 Evil Fairy Meilin : A3 and A4 gengas

 Evil Fairy Meilin : A12 cel and douga

 Evil Fairy Meilin : A5 and C3 gengas

 The Three Good Fairies React to Meilin’s Scene

 Princess Syaoran looks at Yukito.

 Evil Dead Fairy in Torment: B1

 Evil Dead Fairy in Torment: B3, B5

 The Princess Refuses to be Kissed

 “Well, It Can’t be ‘Black’!”


 Transfiguration test pan

 Transfiguration: A3

 Transfiguration: A19 cel

 Transfiguration Test Cel

 Transfiguration: A5, A6 and Aイ gengas

 Transfiguration: A7, Aロ, A8

 Transfiguration: Aハ, A9, Aニ

 Transfiguration: A10, Aホ, A11

 Transfiguration: animated gengas
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