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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 34: Confession of Separation!

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This dramatic episode hinges on Maron's righteous anger at learning that Chiaki is really her magical kaitou rival Sinbad (really? who would have guessed?) and that he knew all along that she was Kaitou Jeanne and was simply trying to interfere with her divine mission by getting her to fall in love with him (ditto!). (Well -- in anime, it's never as simple as all that but . . . .) Anyhow, this episode contains some classic moments in the series, including a steamy flashback to the moonlit ending of Ep. 16 and one of Jeanne's most dramatic demon captures.

Of course, when you think about it, it doesn't help matters that Sinbad looks exactly like Chiaki, in spite of the lavender hair and mysterious hankie over his mouth, and so Maron must feel ... well ... a tiny bit blonde for not having made the connection for herself sooner than 3/4 of the way through the series. (Cheer up, Maron: Deduction Queen Miyako stays brunette 24/7 and still hasn't become more than a teensy bit suspicious about either party's secret identities.)


 Maron looks behind her

 Maron looks behind her: Reanimated dougas

 Fantasy Sequence: Frightened Maron: B1

 Fantasy Sequence: Frightened Maron: B6

 Fantasy Sequence: The Kiss on the Street: B10

 Fantasy Sequence: The Kiss on the Street: B11

 Fantasy Sequence: The Kiss on the Street: B12

 Fantasy Sequence: The Kiss on the Street: B14

 Fantasy Sequence: The Kiss on the Street: (Reanimation)

 The Big Kiss (Rewind version)

 The Big Kiss (Reanimated version)

 Who’s knocking?

 Who’s knocking? Reanimated dougas

 Huh? A2

 Chiaki tells Maron the truth (Chiaki side)

 Chiaki tells Maron the truth (Maron side)

 Maron realizes the truth

 Maron realizes the truth: Reanimated dougas

 Maron takes evasive action

 Maron takes evasive action: Reanimated dougas

 Maron bumps into the landscape artist: B3 and B4

 Maron bumps into the landscape artist: B5 and B8

 Maron bumps into the landscape artist: Reanimated dougas

 Maron reflects on the artist’s advice
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