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Cardcaptor Sakura 05: Sakura's Many Faces

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These are facial close-ups of Sakura at highly charged moments. The animators do a fine job of visualizing a wide variety of emotions, ranging from delight to amazed wonder.


 Sneaking Out

 Sakura Faces Up to The Erase

 bunny ears

 Timid Giant

 Shock A1

 Shock A14

 Arigatou gozaimasu!

 A New Pair of Wings: Rough key 1

 New Pair of Wings A1 cel

 A New Pair of Wings: A2 cel

 A New Pair of Wings: rough key 2

 Sakura gets ready to send a gift to her great-grandfather

 “That girl I can't ignore

 Cel phone

 Good to see you--kitto!

 "It's Snowing!"

 A most peculiar chair…

 Sakura Preparing for Her Film Debut

 "Sakura: We're Ready for Your Close-up!"

 Hai ...

 Sakura pulls back the curtain

 “Today I told Yukito-san . . . "

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