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Cardcaptor Sakura 07: Li Syaoran

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This corridor collects cels featuring Sakura with her her rival in collecting the cards and in love, Li Syaoran. As the series goes on, he begins to act very strangely around her, though.

  “Meilin …”


 Syaoran Chasing The Dash Card

 Kero-as-Syaoran Smirks


 Someone’s coming!

 Look out!

 Look Out! Background

 Chibi Syaoran

 The Look

 Li Teddy: First Appearance

 Yipes! It's ...

 That guy!

 Syaoran Lets Yukito Hold Li Teddy

 Even today, I kept glancing at her . . .

 Even today, I kept glancing at her . . . (layouts)

 In the elevator

 In the elevator 2

 Letter from Meilin

 Look Out!

 Take That!

 Shirtless Syaoran

 The tree

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