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The first episode of CCS is one of my favorites in the sly, economical way in which it introduces the principal characters and the main conflict of the series. Many of these cels are small but they all illustrate significant moments from this classic premiere.

Scriptwriter: Nanase Ohkawa
Episode Director: Morio Asaka
Animation Director: Kumiko Takahashi

What a line-up: Ohkawa-sama, of course, was the overall scenario artist for the CCS manga (and for many of their other classics), while Asaka and Takahashi were series director and character designer/senior animation director. Clearly this is an episode that the top artists on this studio team wanted to be not just good enough but monumentally great -- and they succeeded.

 Opening Dream Sequence

 A Kaijuu Kick!

 The Kick’s Aftermath

 Sakura heads for school with Touya and Yukito

 Sakura rollerblading to school

 Sakura with her baton

 Sakura with her baton

 The Clow

 The Clow Book Opens

 The Clow Cards Escape

 First Glimpse

 Sakura meets Kero-chan

 Osaka accent


 Oh no!!!

 “Is this what you’re looking for?”


 Pudding (Layout 1)

 Pudding (A25/D2 cels)

 Pudding (Layout 2)

 Down to business

 Clow Reed Creating the Cards

 The Clow Book

 “You’re coming with me!”
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