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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 16: A First Kiss Illuminated by Moonlight

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I've managed to collect enough sketch sets from this exceptionally well-told episode to give them a special gallery. It nicely encapsulates all of the tensions of the early episodes, beginning with the romantic feelings that Chiaki, the hot new guy in town, awakens in everyone he meets and concluding with a landmark moment in the confrontation of Jeanne, Maron's magical identity, with her stubborn but unpredictable rival Sinbad. Plus it's got one of those fascinating school plays based on a Western fairy tale with interesting Japanese twists. And who could not love an adventure in which a magical girl has to save a little boy from a demon-possessed mother who won't make him bento any more because she's become a corporate entrepreneur!

Caution! Spoilers in descriptions!

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A1

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A2

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A3/B1

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A4/B3

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A5/B4

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A6/B5

 How About This for a KKJ Subplot?

 Maron’s Classroom

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A1

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A2/A3

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A4/A5

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: Animated dougas

 Poor Yamato-kun

 An Interlude in the Street 1

 An Interlude in the Street 2

 Finn Arrives with a Mission 1

 Finn Arrives with a Mission 2

 One of Miyako’s Henchmen

 Jeanne Confronts Sinbad: 1

 Jeanne Confronts Sinbad: 2

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