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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 16: A First Kiss Illuminated by Moonlight

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One of the turning points of the series, this episode is, like many classic anime plots, intertwined with a school performance of Western fairy tale ending with a forbidden kiss. The performance of the fairy tale is interrupted before the kiss gets planted (like another one that CCS fans know full well), but the magical adventure in this episode comes a much steamier conclusion. Meantime the puppets used in the play are used effectively for comic by-play when poor Maron finds she’s been stuck playing the grandma who gets eaten by the wolf.

Episode Director: Takao Yoshizawa, who did what seems to have been the normal assignment of six episodes. This animator had done similar roles for other Toei projects, notably directing eleven episodes of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Yoshizawa also worked on the Precure, and Digimon franchises, did episode direction for the 1996 remake of Gegege no Kitaro, and also directed one of the spin-off Kitaro movies.

Script: Sukehiro Tomita, who also handled Series Composition for KKJ. Tomita was a prolific screenplay writer for Sailor Moon, contributing scripts for 35 of the episodes during the first three seasons, plus screenplays for two of the movies. He also scripted the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie and handled series composition for Hyper Police and Jigoku Sensei Nube.

Episode Animation Director: Nobuyoshi Sasakado, a veteran of the classic Mushi Production team. He is most noted for his extensive work on Saint Seiya on which he served as a key animator and animation director, handling in all 18 episodes. Later he did key animation for the first (2002) version of Kanon (gengas), then did episode animation directing for seven episodes of Toei’s adaptation of Powerpuff Girls. Recently he has been credited as a key animator for the 2014 revival of Sailor Moon.

Caution! Spoilers in descriptions!

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A1

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A2

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A3/B1

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A4/B3

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A5/B4

 Miyako Hands out Parts for “Little Red Riding Hood”: A6/B5

 How About This for a KKJ Subplot?

 Maron’s Classroom

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A1

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A2/A3

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: A4/A5

 Chiaki Molesting Maron: Animated dougas

 Poor Yamato-kun

 An Interlude in the Street 1

 An Interlude in the Street 2

 Miyako waits for Chiaki to make a move on her

 Miyako waits for Chiaki to make a move on her: Reanimation

 Finn Arrives with a Mission 1

 Finn Arrives with a Mission 2

 One of Miyako’s Henchmen

 Jeanne Confronts Sinbad: 1

 Sinbad: “Because I wanted to...”

 Jeanne Confronts Sinbad: 2

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