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Inuyasha Ep. 163: The Secret Flower Garden

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Episode 163, Kohaku, Sango, Kirara Himitsu no Hana-zono [Kohaku, Sango, and Kirara - The Secret Flower Garden] is one of the most loved adventures of the later CGI seasons of this series. Without giving away the entire plot, it shows the Inu-tachi wandering past Sango's childhood village, now devastated by demons. She is haunted by memories, and her magical helper Kirara likewise is not immune to the feelings of not being able to come home again. He wanders off, and surrounded by flashbacks to the past, he has an unexpected encounter.

This episode was directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, who had previously done some outstanding work on Hyper Police, among other series. He later achieved fame as the director of the innovative series AIR and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Some of the sketch sets include artwork that is stylistically similar to sketches I've acquired for work he did for Hyper Police, and others were done by Shoko Ikeda, Animation Director for this episode (and later Character Designer and Chief Animation Director for Haruhi Suzumiya).

The "Ishihara-tachi" (as I've called this team of artists) developed a distinctive style and approach to the episodes they did, and so it's a treat to obtain enough cuts from this fine episode to highlight their elegant, meticulous animation work.

You can now view a subtitled version of this episode on Veoh Video Network.

 Stamps and Sketches

 Kohaku Asks Sango to Wait a Moment: Layouts

 Kohaku Asks Sango to Wait a Moment: Roughs

 Kohaku Asks Sango to Wait a Moment: Gengas

 Sango Puzzled: rough and layout

 Sango Puzzled: A1 genga and shuusei

 Sango Puzzled: A2 genga and shuusei

 Sango Puzzled: Reanimated Dougas

 Heartsick Sango: Rough Gengas and Layout

 Heartsick Sango: Genga

 Heartsick Sango: Reanimated Dougas (621K)

 Sango passes the tree: rough and layout

 Sango passes the tree: genga and douga

 Sango with Kohaku’s Lilies: A1 genga

 Sango with Kohaku’s Lilies: A2/A3 gengas and layout

 Sango with Kohaku’s Lilies: Reanimated dougas

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A1 Rough and Layout

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A1 Genga and Douga

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A4 Layout and Rough

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A4 Genzus

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A4 Genga, Shuusei, and Douga

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A5 Genga

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A7 Genga and Douga

 Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: Reanimated Dougas

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