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Hyper Police features an interesting and wide supporting cast, notably the werewolf Batanan whose love for the cat-girl Natsuki is reciprocated but still problematic. You'll also see humans, lions, and other hybrids here.


 The Main Four

 The Bullet Fairies

 Peau Casting Magic

 One of Sakura’s Kids Gets Frustrated 1

 One of Sakura’s Kids Gets Frustrated 2

 Batanan and a Lion Friend

 Batanan Looking at Natsuki

 Peau Rejects Tommy-kun

 Tommy-kun listens to Natsuki

 Tommy-kun calls to Natsuki

 Natsuki with Chibi-Batanan

 Natsuki with Chibi-Batanan


 Chibi-Batanan A2

 Peau responds to an attack: D3.

 Peau responds to an attack: D5.

 Blowing in the Wind

 Fonne gets the drop on Tommy-kun

 Peau tries to rest

 Peau showering

 Tommy-kun’s on the ground: A2

 Tommy-kun’s on the ground: A4 and A6

 Batanan and Tommy Humor Natsuki
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