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Powerpuff Girls Z 49A: The Love Love Beam

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This interesting set of sketches comes from the end of one of the last episodes in the series, "Single Attack Shot!? Love Love Beam," in which the Professor trains the GirlZ to perform a ritual that combines their powers into an intense attack spell. Unfortunately, the ritual is embarrassingly kawaii, even by shoujo standards, and in any case it misfires on its first trial, with horrifyingly comic results.

While, as we've seen, the GirlZ usually respond with courage and resourcefulness, the result of the Love Love Beam proves to be so truly terrifying that they bolt and run for their lives. The complication provides lots of opportunities for visual humor and amazing over-the-top expressions.

Director/Storyboard:Hideki Takayama
Script:Yoichi Takahashi
Animation Direction:Masaki Abe

Episode Director Takayama also did Ep. 43 and worked in the same capacity on a wide range of series, including Naruto Shippuuden. His top-level directing assignments all seem to have been for erotic OAVs, however. Screenplay writer Takahashi did seven other scripts but has a limited record, most notably series composition for the game-related 2012 series Driland.

Animation director Masaki Abe also did six other episodes and came to the task with extensive experience. He got his start as episode animation director working with Osamu Tezuka on the short-lived 1975 Toei series Jetter Mars, a reworking of Tezuka's cherished Astro Boy. He subsequently worked on a variety of "golden age" series, notably Fushigi na Koala Blinky aka "Noozles" (Nippon, 1984). It is significant that all of the PPGZ episodes for which art was released had Abe as episode animation director.

 Heart-eyed Blossom.

 Buttercup Takes a Break

 Professor Utonium Demonstrates the Love Love Dance

 Ken Announces a Direct Hit

 Mission Accomplished!

 Buttercup Gets Ready to Attack

 Bubbles Intervenes

 The GirlZ React 1

 The GirlZ React 2

 The GirlZ React 3

 Anxious Buttercup A3

 Worried Buttercup A4

 The GirlZ Running (unused pose)

 The GirlZ Running 1

 The GirlZ Running 2

 The GirlZ Running 3

 The GirlZ Running 4

 The GirlZ Running 5

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