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Powerpuff Girls Z 44: Kaoru Loves Biceps

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Episode 44 (in a first season of 52 episodes), "Kaoru Loves Biceps" takes up both segments of the weekly show. It breaks new ground in several ways, showing the tom-boy Kaoru uncharacteristically falling in love with a muscular classmate and appealing to her "girly" partners for help in becoming more desirable as a girlfriend.

It also fills in an interesting backstory about Kaoru's father, who is a practitioner of lucha libre, an especially dramatic form of professional wrestling in which opponents compete in masks. Only if you lose do you show your real face ... and since Kaoru's dad is so good ... well ... she doesn't actually know what he looks like because he never takes the mask off!

The episode is worth looking up for the nice performance of Keiichi Sonobe as the voice of "Mask do Tokio." Sonobe has a long resume of anime roles, though mostly made up of random alien creatures (such one of the team that abducts Noelle in TnN) and "man, announcer, driver, shop owner," etc. He gets a little more room to show his chops here and in his appearances as "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh in One Piece.

Black light intrudes ... as does romance ... and ... well, have a look for yourself.


As with most of the PPGZ galleries, this one contains quite a few hidden images, and even so I've let it run to two pages. Having such a large, focused collection of art provides a unusual opportunity to see what goes into the making of a single, strong episode. If you want to see everything, go to "Private Area" and enter the not-so-secret password "seemorestuff."

 The Power of Milk 1

 Kaoru’s Dad Sleeping

 Kaoru Has a Sneaky Idea D2

 Kaoru Has a Sneaky Idea A1/B1/D4


 Don’t You Want To See?

 Kaoru Prepares to Unmask Her Dad

 Today for Sure I’ll See It . . .

 Kaoru's Mom

 Kaoru's Mom and the Photo Album

 Kaoru's Dad: Mask do Tokio

 The Legendary Mentor -- Mask do Mexico

 Kaoru Bumps into Narushima-sempai

 The Mighty Biceps

 Momoko offers to be Kaoru’s dating advisor 1

 Momoko offers to be Kaoru’s dating advisor 2

 Momoko and Miyako Report 1

 Momoko and Miyako Report 2

 Miyako Reporting 1

 Miyako Reporting 2


 Momoko Reporting 1

 Momoko Reporting 2

 Momoko Reporting 3
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