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This gallery features some interesting sketch sets, along with a few related cels that I've reunited with their gengas, from the classic Slayers series (1995-97). Some are from the first season, but most come from Slayers Next. This gallery brings together those featuring the dynamic (and often very funny) heroine, Lina Inverse, along with her sidekick Amelia, whose idealism sometimes rubs sparks with the more pragmatic sorceress.

While the gengas are the most finished examples of artwork and are featured, the sets I got include a generous number of roughs by the episodes' animation supervisor, and in two cases the pack contained seldom-seen examples of first-level planning sketches, some of which probably come from the episode directors.

Please take time to visit the thumbnails, which are often as interesting as the main images.

 Slayers 16: Lina Is Wanted!

 Lina Kaboom

 Lina Kaboom : Reanimation

 Lina Being Shot At: C7

 Lina Being Shot At: Animated Gengas

 Lina and Amelia: Street Scene 1

 Lina: Street Scene B1/C1

 Lina and Amelia: Street Scene 3
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