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Powerpuff Girls Z 07A: The Miracle Fighting Ace Caper

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Episode Director: Takao Iwai
Storyboard: Nagashi Tare
Animation Director: Masami Abe and Yoko Sato

This adventure, titled "Make it come true! Momoko's love," features Hiro, the (err...) hero of an action adventure show called "Miracle Fighting Ace." That's intended as a variation on the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" theme, originally created as part of Toei's Super Sentai Series (1975-present).

Briefly, Momoko develops a crush on the actor who portrays the hero, who in reality is an incurable coward. This becomes plain when Mojo Jojo crashes one of his public appearances, where the PPGZ are serving as his bodyguards, and so the "Ace's" devoted followers have to bail him out.

This gallery collects two sets of sketches that I got in different lots. While less developed than some of my sketchwork from other episodes, these images still generate excitement, especially the last set. Don't miss the reanimation by Vampyworx!

 Hiro's Move - 1

 Hiro's Move 5-7

 Miyako isn't as impressed

 Reacting to Mojo's Threat

 Out of His League

 Spreadeagled by Mojo

  "Do anything -- just save me!"

 "For great justice!" 1

 "For Great Justice" 2

 "For Great Justice!" 3

 Buttercup is Less Enthused

 "It's 3 birds ... it's 3 planes ..."

 "It's -- HOLY CRAP!!"

 Powerpuff Girls on Attack: Blossom

 Powerpuff Girls on Attack: Bubbles

 Powerpuff Girls on Attack: Buttercup

 Powerpuff Girls on Attack: Animated Version

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