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Powerpuff Girls Z 35 A: We're Not Weeds!

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This set of sketches comes an episode that involves a confrontation between two supermodels out on a photo shoot and a group of plants who are irritated because they're being called "weeds." In fact they are wild plants, an important part of the ecosystem. The plants transform into monsters with the help of Black Light, and then things get increasingly more complicated until they (first the supermodels, then the "weeds") have to be rescued by the PPGZ.

This short episode has gotten some sharply negative web reviews, notably pKjd's blog commentary. ["speaking as a fan of the series, I cannot honestly recommend watching this week's episode."] On the other hand, I personally thought this episode was rather clever in the way it turns the tables, making thoughtless humans more the villains than the alleged monsters. And the idea that people should see you as who you are, not what you are, is a universal one. The sketches, as always with PPGZ, are cute, colorful, and often full of action, particularly those of the plant monsters.

The ecological issue underlying this whimsical episode has in fact been taken up by Japan's Center for Research on Wild Plants (previously the Weed Science Center), a project of the Faculty of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University. According to the Center's website (no longer available, alas), "Wild plants including weeds (non-crop plants) represent a major segment of the earth's flora and are important resources of genes for biodiversity which provide unexplored and challenging possibilities for the future. . . . wild plants are studied for their potential use in the rehabilitation of areas under stresses associated with high salinity, acidic or alkaline soils, and conditions of drought or flooding."

I like anime with a message. ^_^

Like other PPGZ galleries, this one has been limited to 24 live images, but there are several others that are worth viewing. Go to "Private Area" and type in the password, then return to see the rest.

 The GirlZ in Math Class

 Another School Day

 "Hands Up!"

 Alpha Supermodel

 Peach Gives the Alert

 Rescue at Hand!


 Katabami gets bonked

 Nogeshi Close-up

 Nogeshi Down for the Count

 The GirlZ Hear the PlantZ Complaint

 Sympathetic Blossom

 We understand: version 1

 "You! Model!"

 Supermodel Pan

 Buttercup and the Supermodel

 Bubbles' Reaction

 Bubbles' Reaction

 Blossom Looks Cynical

 Who's the Fairest One of All?

 Beta model attacks Suiba 1-2

 Who Are the True Monsters?

 Running Weeds

 Not Weeds, Wildflowers!

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