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Powerpuff Girls Z 15A.2: The Targeted Fashion Show: Settei

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If you've visited the previous gallery devoted to sketches from this episode, take time also to look through the original settei drawings from the same show. These show several stages of character development, and so, I believe, must come from the pencil of PPGZ's character designer, Miho Shimogasa, who also did the character design for Gravitation and was the animation director for Sailor Moon SuperS.

 Original Settei: Momoko's First Outfit

 Original Settei: Momoko's and Miyako's First Outfits

 Original settei: Momoko's Final Outfit

 Original settei: Crossdressed Mojo Jojo

 Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei

 Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei's First Outfit

 Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei's Second Outfit

 Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei and Her Assistant

 Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei's Third Outfit

 Original settei: Accessories

 Original settei: Ditzy Fashion Designer's Assistant

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