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Tonde Buurin: The Piggy Suits Episode

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Episode 9, Circuit no senshitachi or "Warriors of the Racetrack" deals with a school competition to design solar cars. Karin's club enters a vehicle engineered in the form of Buurin holding an umbrella made of solar panels. Complications arise, but the the Buurin car, driven by Kouichi, triumphs in the end, with a little help of course.

More to the point, Karin's mother Rikako, an accomplished fashion designer, creates piggy suits for everyone on the team to wear. These make for some surreal visual moments, especially as the action becomes intense.

The episode’s director was Tatsuya Hirakawa, a rather obscure figure who seems to have worked on some other Nippon productions at the same time, including Jungle Book: Shounen Mowgli (1989), Christopher Columbus (1992), and Mukamuka Paradise (1993-94).

The animation director was Masayuki Hiraoka, an animator who’d previously worked on a variety of earlier animes such as Dr. Slump and Urusei Yatsura. He supervised eight Tonde Buurin episodes, including the series’ concluding adventure (Ep. 51). Afterwards, he worked as animation director for a variety of other series, including Ayashi no Ceres and Pokemon. He is most noted for his work on the long-running Duel Masters franchise, for which he has done character design for all the seasons and movies.

 Rikako Admires the Piggy Suits

 Keiko in Her Helmet

 Nanako in her helmet

 Karin and the Buurin Solar Car

 Cheering on the Racers

 A Complication!

 A Complication: Karin Looks Down

 A Complication: Karin Takes Charge!

 Team Buurin Watching the Race: Gengas

 Team Buurin Watching the Race: Cel and Background

 Kouichi Racing

 Kashiwagi in His Piggy Suit

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