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A Tree of Palme: Sketches and Backgrounds

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This gallery collects some of the interesting production art -- original backgrounds and sketches -- from this movie that I've been able to obtain. They show the intense attention to detail that's seen in the cels and backgrounds, and some of the artwork, and certainly the annotations, must come from the director, Takashi Nakamura.

The sketches are often lovely in detail but extremely faint, so I've digitally stretched these scans to make them more easily viewable, at least in reduced scans on a computer screen. They really need to be viewed directly to be appreciated, however. Hopefully I'll be able to add more work to this gallery.

 Koram tangles with the Hunters

 Koram Pursued by the Bolas: B1

 Koram Pursued by the Bolas: B2

 Koram Pursued by the Bolas: B4

 Koram Pursued by the Bolas: B7

 Palme Climbs a Kooloop Tree

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 1

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 1 (genga)

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 2

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 2 (genga)

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 3

 Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 3 (genga)

 Palme climbing the kooloop tree

 Palme slumps over

 Palme comes to life

 Palme Hears the Pendant Jingling

 Popo Meets Palme: Layout

 Popo Meets Palme: Background Alone 1

 Popo Meets Palme: Background Alone 2

 Popo in a mental turmoil

 Shatta comes dashing up.

 Sawadust's Storeroom

 Under the boardwalk

 Koram Appears to Palme
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