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Tonde Buurin: The Archaeology Episode

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I've bunched the sketch sets I got relate to this episode (#6: Hakken! Buurin no doguu, or Discovery! Buurin's tool).

Briefly, the episode concerns a field trip to an archaeological dig, where Karin finds an ancient figurine that looks like her magical pig self. Ton-chan reads the inscription and finds that it gives directions on how to locate the Nose of the Messenger of Justice in the ruins.

Curious about her history, Karin follows a map into a booby-trapped cave after the artifacts, where she is soon joined by most of her curious classmates, and trouble ensues.

The episode was directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori, who oversaw the series as a whole and later was the creator/director of Tenshi ni Narumon. The animation director was Tatsuo Miura, a veteran of the 1980s Dragon Ball who later joined the Tennimon animation staff as well.

 Karin Frustrated at Ton-chan

 Incorrect Way to Fall into a Trap

 Time for Buurin! C1

 Time for Buurin! C2

 Time for Buurin! C4

 Time for Buurin! C7/C8

 Time for Buurin! C9

 Time for Buurin! C10

 Time for Buurin! A5/A6

 Karin Tries Out the Lost Nose: A4

 Karin Tries Out the Lost Nose: A5

 Karin Tries Out the Lost Nose: A6

 Karin Tries Out the Lost Nose: A7

 Karin Tries Out the Lost Nose: Reanimation

 Ton-chan Maxed Out

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